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The skills I've learned with DBT worksheets have helped me to manage my anxiety and control issues by giving me a 'Coping Toolbox' that I can constantly reference in times of need.  The DBT Advanced group forced me to hone in on what issues were most troubling and identify commonalities and triggers that fed into my negative coping behaviors.

Brooke C.

The DBT Daily worksheets that I got in the DBT Advanced group carefully broke down concepts into easily digested steps.  They focused on main skills and offered others to complement what I had learned.  I liked how they included examples from other people, self-reflective questions, connected through journaling.  Also, the worksheets have reminders of basic DBT skills in the margins for quick reference and words of encouragement to support my efforts.

Brian H.

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Holding Hands

The DBT skills group helped me a lot, going through those skills was like going through infancy.  But I am thankful to be in this DBT Advanced group because I need help continuing to grow in my ability to manage my emotions.  I would not be married today if it weren't for the DBT skills, they have really helped me to not let my intense emotions ruin my relationships.

Bethany K.

The DBT Advanced worksheets from my DBT Advanced group are a game changer! They've been so helpful that I scan them into Apple notes and have them in my phone. It's like having an emotional toolbox in my hand. They've helped me to understand what I'm dealing with and make my feelings and emotions less elusive and more tangible. It's so helpful to instantly get examples, ideas and tips on how to recognize and deal with tricky emotions.

The observations I hear from other group members on how they are applying the worksheets help me to see DBT skills application at a much higher level. The whole group experience has helped me get in touch with my emotions in a way that I hadn't before.

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Stan B.

Man Hiking in Nature

After graduating from the basic DBT Skills group, I chose to move into the DBT Advanced group.  The DBT Daily worksheets along with processing with others have given me the tools necessary to carry out the DBT skills into my everyday life.  I feel like the DBT basic skills helped me out of a crisis and now the advanced group is helping me thrive in all areas of my life.  If I had stopped at the basic material I would definitely not be doing as well as I am.

Charlie L.

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