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DBT Advanced Groups for Every Practice

DBT Advanced Worksheets, Guides and Training to go from zero to launch

Navigate the complex stressors in life with a combination of DBT therapy skills.

Life is complex and unpredictable.  As therapists, we see clients encounter people and situations that can trigger past traumas and toxic patterns of thinking. 

In order to help them feel less anxious and more grounded,  we need to be able to help them manage their emotions, make wise choices, and respond proactively.


DBT Daily is the ONLY line of topical advanced worksheets, for quick reference and easy application to address many common issues.  The worksheets were created by an intensively trained DBT therapist to stimulate processing and minimize negative triggers.

Are you needing an efficient way to see more clients in your practice?

Want a practical resource to create groups and/or supplement individual therapy to help clients make more progress?

Are you looking for a way to provide a step-down group for clients after graduating the DBT Skills Group?  

DBT Daily is the only line of advanced therapy tools and coping skills to help people manage their mental health and wellness by applying a combination of DBT skills in their personal and professional lives.


DBT Daily worksheets were created by Jennifer Wu, LCSW, an intensively trained DBT therapist.   After leading DBT Skills groups for over a decade, Jennifer saw a need for her DBT clients to continue getting hands-on tools after they graduated the DBT Skills group.   

Over a period of four years, Jennifer developed these worksheets and led them in her own DBT Advanced Groups where she saw her clients experience continual growth and awareness of how to utilize the skills in their daily lives.  After consistently receiving positive feedback from clients about how they deepened their understanding of DBT skills from these worksheets, she decided to make them accessible to other DBT therapists  so that they can help clients grow in their coping skills and enhance their skill application.   

The worksheets provide immediate access to help improve someone’s response to negative triggers and prevent relapse. The worksheets address important topics people face every day. 

Teach clients a combination of DBT skills that address specific stressors

Coach your clients on using the skills to self-regulate thoughts, emotions, and behaviors

See them gain the confidence to implement higher level skills and enjoy life

DBT Advanced worksheets on demand.

DBT Daily worksheets are designed to help your clients gain more confidence in using combined DBT skills to navigate through life problems.

Use the DBT Daily worksheets to help them create a Coping Toolbox that addresses common stressors they may face every day, including relationship issues, intense emotions, quality of life issues and stress and anxiety.


DBT Daily helps people apply a combination of DBT skills to common issues for more advanced progression.

Developed by an intensively trained DBT therapist; based on real-life common struggles and highlights stories and success.

Creative layout and colorful design to promote daily use.


1.  Find the therapist package that best meets the needs of your practice or agency
2.  Read through the Group Formation Guide and Therapist Clinical Training Manual
3.  Develop strong group therapist skills through live group observation and personal consultation

DBT skills prevent relapse into unhealthy coping mechanisms.

DBT Daily worksheets + DBT Advanced groups give clients confidence, tools, and support to navigate

whatever comes their way.

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