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ACCELERATE Therapist Training Package includes:

  • ALL current DBT Daily worksheets #1 - 30 to start your own groups
  • Graphically designed client orientation forms
  • Observe 60-min live group session to see how the groups are run first hand

  • Pre-launch 45-min individual training session to go over any questions prior to group launch

  • Post-launch 45-min consultation with tips on building multiple groups


  • Group formation guide that covers 10 topics:
    1.  Tips on Forming a DBT Advanced Group

    2.  How to Market a DBT Advanced Group

    3.  Top Ten Reasons Why Clients Love Groups

    4.  Types of Groups that can be created with DBT Daily worksheets

    5.  Recommended Sequence of Worksheets for Curriculum Planning

    6.  Group Matchmaking Ideas

    7.  Tips on How to Structure a DBT Advanced Group

    8.  Purpose of DBT Advanced Group Check-in Sheet

    9.  Tips on Using Client Orientation to Build Commitment

    10.  Tips on Leading Groups Virtually


  • DBT Daily Therapist Training Manual:

    • 40+ page manual providing clinical and group facilitation tips for each worksheet

    • Information on who and what type of client each worksheet is ideal for

    • Extra clinical insight on why interventions and recommendations were used from a DBT, RO-DBT, CBT, and psychodynamic perspective

    • Tips on how to expand even further on specific issues and topics brought up in the worksheets

    • A “Just from experience” section for each worksheet that shares extra tips, focus points and what to expect while leading the group

    • Coping Ahead strategies to deal with hard issues that may surface from the deeper topics of the worksheets

    • A CBT Three Column tool to supplement one of the worksheets

    • Recommendations on how to split up each worksheet into two different sessions

    • Additional client stories and examples of how past DBT Advanced group clients have responded to the worksheets and interventions

    • A DBT Daily Encouragement summary and tips on how to ensure success for therapists launching these groups based on feedback from therapists who have been trained in DBT Daily material and have already launched groups


  • DBT Daily Trained Certificate

ACCELERATE - Therapist Training Package III

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